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Penny Quilts

Background Information

Penny made her first patchwork quilt in 1979 as a gift for her mother and has been making quilts ever since.  She started sewing as a child, making dolls clothes and items for herself and her family. She has experimented with other hand crafts including knitting, rag rugs and crochet, but her heart is with fabric. She loves to use natural fibres – cottons and silks primarily, enjoying their tactile quality. She works by hand and machine but prefers to quilt by hand, adding embroidery and embellishments, making each piece unique. Penny lives in the South of England and is lucky to walk in the New Forest every day from where she gains a lot of her inspiration.  She uses vibrant colour in her work, often painting and dying her own fabrics.  Words play a significant part in the development of a design, with puns and wordplay influencing the final piece. There is a strong basis of traditional pattern but this is often altered beyond recognition. Designs are adapted and built upon to create one off pieces.
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