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Segmented Whirling Circle

Strips of fabric are stitched together and recut into wedges. These are then resewn to make a circle with movement and energy. The size of the design will depend on the amount of fabrics chosen and the width of the strips. This design will make a stunning centre for any quilt but could also be used as a cushion or bag front. Alternatively more circles can be added to make a full sized quilt or wall hanging. This is suitable for all levels and can be done as a half or one day course.

Picture to Patchwork

Starting with a drawing, picture or photograph students will learn how to extract key elements to work in to a patchwork block. As a result, participants will have a selection of designs from which to choose a favourite to explore further. This workshop is structured so that the first half of the day is spent developing ideas, drawing, sketching, colouring, working in paper. The second half of the day is for working on the block that has been chosen, using fabrics. This can then be further worked on at home to become a unique quilt or wall hanging. Any student who wishes to further their own development will benefit from this workshop.

Pattern Drafting

Learn how to draw your own patterns accurately and to the required size. You do not need to be an amazing mathematician to do this! Using graph paper, pencils and rulers we will construct a star pattern which can then be divided into smaller units to give an appealing pattern, which will be manageable to stitch by hand or machine. We will make templates so each student can continue to make up their chosen pattern in fabric. Students should be competent in the use of pencil and ruler. This workshop can be completed in a half or full day.

Jelly Roll Quilts

A one day workshop using a pre-cut jelly roll. We will work towards making a quilt top. You will assemble blocks using fabric strips and sew these together to form a top (time permitting). This is a great introduction to quiltmaking as the hard work of choosing the fabrics and cutting out is done for you.  Machine sewn.


This half day workshop will guide you through the choice of wadding, thread and needles that are needed for sewing through the layers to create a quilt.  We will discuss preparation for quilting and examine the stitches used.   We will sew by hand and machine, creating samples for future reference.


Stop Press

New workshops available

Masterclasses – These classes are tailor made for each group and are available over one, two or three days.

Working Intuitively

This is a class designed to make the learner consider the work in hand. Each student will pre-prepare a basic unit which will then be developed further in class. Advanced techniques including painting, distressing and manipulation will all be considered in the effort to find a fitting solution to each piece.  This is for advanced quiltmakers who are striving to become more spontaneous.

Themes and how to get the most from them

In this class students will consider ways in which to consider a theme and explore different facets and meanings. By exploring design possibilities

and problem solutions learners will develop a portfolio of work that can later be defined in fabric or other media. If taken as a one day there is no

sewing involved. Day two and/or three will develop ideas into a stitched piece.               

Words without text

This is a design workshop. Taking inspiration from language we will explore meanings, figures of speech, everyday words, text and fonts to explore ways in which this may influence learner’s work. Students will develop designs that can be adapted into textile art or mixed media pieces. If taken as a 2 or 3 day workshop the designs will be further developed in fabric and stitch.

Tradition to Contemporary

In this workshop we will consider the elements of traditional patchwork design. Using a modern approach we will reconfigure these patterns to produce a contemporary, unique design. Using hand and machine techniques we will explore new methods to achieve a fresh new look. 
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All workshops are taught as a fun, enjoyable experience, learning together to master a new technique or skill.  All participants will benefit from individual assistance and guidance as well as taking part in class discussion and tuition.